The power of Wasatch SoftRIP isn't limited to the RIP station. Thanks to SoftRIP's powerful server tools, any iPad, PC, Mac, or Unix workstation on your network can use SoftRIP to print using a regular web browser. SoftRIP's server tools are simple to set up on networked workstations and even easier to use.

Print from any Program

With Wasatch, you can easily send files to the RIP from any application on your computer. This works for any computer on your company's network. You can easily configure the RIP to look like a virtual printer. When you print, your file will go to a holding folder, or hot folder, on your network. Then you can open the file in SoftRIP or configure your file to automatically RIP and Print.

More than Just Hot Folders

With Wasatch ImageNET, any iPad, PC, Mac, or Unix workstation on your network can interface with the RIP. Even a novice can set up the workstation for access in just minutes.

Prepare Files to Print Automatically

With SoftRIP, you can use hot folders to automatically scale, mirror, or rotate jobs in preparation for print. Hot folder file preparation saves time for dye sublimation users who routinely mirror jobs or for other workflows with settings that need to be applied to every file. You can even apply specific imaging configurations to your hot folders to streamline color management for your networked users.

Quick Soft Proofing

SoftRIP's exclusive Internet Deployment feature automates the process of creating and transmitting previews of your image before printing. With the option to send via email or FTP, your customers can quickly preview files prior to production. With Internet Deployment, you streamline the approval process and reduce wasted time and consumables.


Wasatch Automation Option enables scalable solutions to streamline orders, manage high volumes of small orders, and reduce production errors. Effectively manage and increase your production with our customizable tools including smart nesting from hot folders, custom HTML interfaces, email status reporting, and more.

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