Download Instructions and Technical Notes

The imaging configurations available for download here are self-extracting ZIP files. To download an imaging configuration, simply double-click on its .exe file. A screen will display asking you to choose the computer location, or path, where you want the file to be saved. Note that the location where the file is saved is only temporary—this file will need to be installed in your SoftRIP folder before it is available for use. Save the file to a location that is easy to find.

To install the imaging configuration, browse to the folder where you saved the file and double-click on the .exe file. The installer will prompt you to select the file location where SoftRIP is installed on your system and select the specific imaging configuration to install there. After checking the box next to the imaging configuration, click on Install Checked Items and the imaging configuration you have selected will be installed. Your imaging configuration is now ready for use with SoftRIP and you may delete the temporary file you originally downloaded.

In the imaging configurations on the Wasatch site, the media manufacturer is only included in the configuration name for third party media types. If no media manufacturer is stated, the media can be assumed to be sold by the printer manufacturer.

Additional information about media and ink to be used with the imaging configuration can be accessed by downloading the file and opening the enclosed text file.

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