Wasatch COLORIP 升级

Roland devices are well known for their quality and durability. When you tune up your PRO II device with Wasatch, the profits from your original Roland hardware investment continue to grow.

Compatibility for Today and Tomorrow

Install your upgrade on any computer using Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. The Wasatch COLORIP Upgrade combines your existing drivers with the full SoftRIP package. As the graphics industry standards continue to evolve, you will always have the ability to upgrade your software and maintain compatibility.

Premium Color Using 16-Bit Rendering

COLORIP only had an 8-bit color pipeline. SoftRIP's 16-bit color rendering produces output that is truly faithful to the original source image. Color subtleties and gradients in raster images are maintained with enormous detail. Vector gradients are perfectly smooth at any output size. The difference is particularly dynamic when printing with lower quality consumables.

The Wasatch COLORIP Upgrade is fully compatible with your current COLORIP imaging configurations. In many cases, you'll actually get better results with your existing profiles by simply using SoftRIP's 16-bit color rendering pipeline.

Familiar COLORIP Interface with New Direct-to-Layout Tool

SoftRIP's direct-to-layout feature uses the full width of your media as a digital canvas. You can drag and drop images directly into the Layout window from the integrated File Browser and prepare them to print as a part of your overall print run. You can rotate, mirror, add, or remove copies, and nest images without ever leaving the Layout view.

Create Efficient Layouts with SoftRIP's Smart Nesting Feature

SoftRIP's Smart Nesting tools create efficient layouts automatically, whether you prepare your images directly in the Layout window or hold single jobs to arrange later. Smart Nesting with auto rotation changes image orientation to effortlessly maximize media savings. Wasatch RIPs each image individually so you don’t have to re-process jobs to use them in new layouts. You can even create blended layouts by nesting new images together with pre-RIP'd files from your print queue.

Streamlined Interface

Since the last release of COLORIP, Wasatch has improved the SoftRIP interface so the most powerful screens are now the easiest to get to. The Master Queues Manager has become a tab on the main screen and helps you view and control the real-time status of every job in your production workflow. Unit Options such as Single Row Nesting and Hold For Layout have also moved to the main screen.

More Than Just Hot Folders

SoftRIP's power isn't limited to the RIP station. Any PC, Mac, or Unix workstation on your network can use SoftRIP to print using a regular web browser. SoftRIP's server tools are simple to setup on networked workstations and even easier to use.

COLORIP is a trademark of Roland DG Corporation. Windows and Windows Vista are are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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