September 1, 2014
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Wasatch SoftRIP Bundled with Epson SureColor® SC-F6000 Printer in Europe, Middle East, and Africa

September 1, 2014–Salt Lake City, UT–Wasatch Computer Technology, an industry-leading developer of RIP & Print Management software, is proud to announce that beginning September 1, 2014, Epson will bundle the powerful and innovative RIP software, Wasatch SoftRIP, with Epson’s SureColor® SC-F6000 roll-fed dye sublimation printer in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The 44-inch SureColor® SC-F6000 provides high quality output up to 720 x 1440 dpi on all leading transfer papers. The CMYK printer creates beautiful prints on hard substrates, sportswear apparel, and soft signage applications. The SC-F6000 dye sublimation printer from Epson and all the components, including ink, printheads, printer body, and optional hardware accessories, are designed and manufactured by Epson. This results in a low-cost, high-revenue printing system that is optimized for performance, quality, and reliability.

Wasatch SoftRIP has features tailored for the dye sublimation and digital textile printing markets. SoftRIP’s Press Curves and Calibration Curves make it easy for users to construct color profiles for processes that suffer from extreme dot gain and help maximize the benefit of SoftRIP’s true 16-bit color rendering pipeline.

With Wasatch, users can control their dye sublimation printing process with a number of specialized tools. These include SoftRIP’s easy-to-use controls that allow users to adjust saturation and print pure colors; the option for users to adjust ICC input and output profiles directly in the Color Transforms screen; and the Color Neighborhood Analyzer that allows users to print a targeted test pattern centered on a chosen color on their designated media.

SoftRIP users can choose to mirror their prints in the Print Setup window or by printing directly to a hot folder that will automatically mirror, rotate, or resize every file it receives. And, with SoftRIP’s Variable Data Printing Option, users can streamline the production of customized print runs, such as sportswear, soft signage, customized promotional items, banners, flags, accessories, and corporate merchandise.

Wasatch is also offering a valuable upgrade path to Epson SureColor® SC-F6000 customers who would like to drive additional printers, as well as the option to include a Wasatch add-on product, such as SoftRIP TX for textile printing.

With features tailored for the dye sublimation and digital textile printing markets, simple setup, intuitive workflow tools, and powerful print controls, Wasatch SoftRIP provides a complete solution for the extensive range of applications that can be supported by the Epson SureColor® SC-F6000 printer.

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