August 11, 2015
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Wasatch SoftRIP Bundled with Epson SureColor® F9200, F7200, F6200 Printers

August 11, 2015–Salt Lake City, UT–Wasatch Computer Technology, an industry-leading developer of RIP & Print Management software, is proud to announce that Epson will bundle Wasatch SoftRIP with Epson’s new SureColor® F9200, F7200 and F6200 roll-fed dye sublimation printers in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Russia, Japan, Africa, Singapore, and most of East Asia.

Wasatch SoftRIP has features tailored for the dye sublimation market, making it the perfect RIP solution for Epson’s new line of printers. SoftRIP’s exclusive 16-bit rendering pipeline and Precision Stochastic Screens™ means color subtleties and gradients in images are maintained, reproducing color with the greatest level of intricacy for high-definition output. Plus, users can control their dye sublimation printing process with a number of specialized tools. The Color Atlas Generator and the new Color Neighborhood Analyzer allow users to print a range of color swatches on their target media and use SoftRIP’s Spot Color Replacement tool to enter RGB values for exact color matching.

Wasatch SoftRIP TX, bundled with the SureColor F9200 and F7200, is designed specifically for textile printing with all the functionality of SoftRIP. Users can customize repeats with advanced drop and slide controls, making the layout of roll fabrics quick and easy. SoftRIP TX also uses special halftoning and re-sampling algorithms to ensure seamless repeats; allowing users to RIP a single pattern and efficiently repeat it in the software.

Epson’s next generation of dye sublimation printers come equipped with high-density black ink technology and new PrecisionCore™ TFP® printheads. With the print resolution up to 1,400 x 720 dpi and precise dot control, users are able to achieve exceptional image quality. Every print head is equipped with 720 nozzles per inch, making this class of printers possibly the fastest dye sublimation printers on the market.

The Epson SC-F9200 was designed for fast, economically friendly production. The 64-inch wide printer includes dual PrecisionCore print heads with print speeds up to 1,044 square feet per hour. Both the 44-inch SC-F6200 and the 64-inch SC-F7200 were designed with veracity and on-demand printing in mind. The single PrecisionCore print head for these printers provide speeds up to 634 square feet per hour. The F-Series printers are low-cost, high-revenue printing systems that are optimized for performance, quality, and reliability.

Wasatch SoftRIP provides a complete solution for the extensive range of applications that can be supported by the Epson SureColor® F-Series printers.

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