Wasatch SoftRIP allows you to utilize the barcode system of your roll cutter to automate your print-and-cut production process. This workflow saves time, and, just as importantly, can eliminate costly user errors.

With this workflow, each job, whether it is a single image, a complex layout, or a whole roll of jobs, is printed by SoftRIP with a unique barcode. This barcode corresponds to the cut path that is defined in the print job.

Once the cutter reads the printed barcode, the barcode is sent to SoftRIP and the corresponding cut job is sent to the cutter. After the cutter cuts the contour path, it scans for the next barcode and repeats the process. This innovative feature allows for a whole roll of media to be cut with minimal user intervention.

Print-and-Cut Workflow

The image above shows two separate cutting jobs,
each printed with their own unique barcodes.

Increase Productivity

This dynamic print-and-cut workflow allows you to boost productivity because you can quickly load a printed roll and let your cutter's barcode function take over.

By removing steps from your existing print-and-cut production process, SoftRIP helps you save time and resources, making this workflow a less expensive and more functional solution than a traditional print-and-cut method. And, since SoftRIP provides unparalleled support for the industry's most popular printers, you can seamlessly integrate your existing printers into this simplified workflow.

Automate Your Print-and-Cut Workflow

Because the cutter reads the barcodes and processes the contour cut paths automatically, there is no need for you to manually scan barcodes or search the RIP for the correct contour cut path.

The roll can even be mounted on the cutter backward, directly from the printer, and the bar code recognition system will ensure the cut paths are properly flipped. This allows you to automate your print-and-cut workflow, increase production, and minimize mistakes!

Utilize SoftRIP's Key Settings for Efficient Printing

With Wasatch SoftRIP, not only can you automate your print-and-cut workflow, you can also quickly prepare your images for efficient printing. Size, crop, check color gamut, tile, and more without ever leaving the home screen.

SoftRIP also gives you the flexibility to prepare jobs for printing individually or as part of a full layout. SoftRIP's Smart Nesting feature lets you automatically create layouts that meet your printing objectives. You can also manually create your own layouts with our easy-to-use interface.

Additionally, SoftRIP has the Wasatch Tracer which provides a streamlined workflow for creating contour cut paths in SoftRIP. It is quick and interactive, and equally effective for both raster and vector graphics. Whether you use the Tracer to produce your contour path or use a contour path created in a third party graphics application, SoftRIP's print-and-cut workflow streamlines the process to save you time and hassle.

Key Features

  • Automate your existing print-and-cut workflow
  • Increase productivity by letting your cutter's barcode function do the manual labor
  • Eliminate mistakes that occur when trying to match print jobs to their correct cut path
  • Use affordable Summa and Mutoh roll cutters in your print-and-cut workflow
  • Save time and resources with a simplified production process
  • Print with any of the printers SoftRIP supports
  • Contour cut multiple jobs with minimal user intervention
  • Use SoftRIP's layout features to maximize your media and time

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*This feature is part of SoftRIP's Contour Cutting Option, a $500 add-on, and is available with most roll-fed cutters.
Wasatch also has similar features for the support of table cutters from Zund, Esko Kongsberg, and other table cutters that are available with the Wasatch Table Cutting Option.