Revised January 5, 2017


This bulletin outlines the steps to follow in order to distribute Imaging Configurations using a Wasatch installation tool. The installation tool can be downloaded here.

To share or distribute ICC profiles, you must comply with the copyright statement of your ICC profiling software.

In order to work with the Wasatch installation tool, gather all of the files associated with the new Imaging Configuration into a folder that is called configurations (case sensitive).

We recommend placing the working configurations folder in a temporary location for gathering the files, such as c:\temp\configurations.

Go to c:\wwripXX\configurations, where 'XX' is the version of SoftRIP you're using, and find the folder with the name of the printer model used when creating the Imaging Configuration.

PSS Configurations Folder
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There are separate folders for each of that printer's installed Imaging Configurations.

PSS RIP Configuration Folder
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For distribution, the new Imaging Configuration needs to be in a folder named the same as the printer's folder (case sensitive, all spaces included, etc.). For this reason, we recommend copying the entire folder named for that printer over to the temporary configurations folder and then deleting all the Imaging Configuration subfolders other than the one to be distributed from the temporary location.

Next, download the automatic installation tool here. After InstallationTool.zip has downloaded, extract the contents. Copy Install.exe and the Autorun.inf informational text file to the temporary folder.

NOTE: The files Autorun.inf and Install.exe should be one level down from the configurations folder.

Now the new Imaging Configurations can be emailed or burned to a DVD for distribution. At the distribution site, the customer can launch Install.exe by double-clicking the file. If distributing by DVD, the Autorun.inf file will automatically launch the installer when the customer inserts the DVD. The installer will ask for the location to which to copy the Imaging Configuration(s). The primary wwrip folder should be selected (such as c:\wwripXX).

The installer will list all Imaging Configurations by printer that are in the configurations folder. To install, a user only needs to check the boxes for the desired Imaging Configurations. A confirmation message will display the number of Imaging Configurations installed. Here, the customer can click OK and Exit.

The new Imaging Configuration(s) will now appear in the user's copy of SoftRIP. When the appropriate printer is selected in the Print Setup window, the new Imaging Configuration will appear along with others loaded in the Imaging Configuration window.