A small town in South Carolina is home to a predominant interior textile manufacturer. 3G Holding, based in Hickory Grove, SC, dye sublimates hospitality textiles for hotels, hospitals and nursing homes around the nation. They are well known in the industry for their quick turnaround, high-quality custom fabric prints.

"I will use only Wasatch," says Kim Gordon, part-owner of 3G Holding. Dean and Kim Gordon, a husband and wife team, have been in the textile printing industry for 38 years and started 3G Holding in 2009. "Wasatch is user-friendly and reliable. It is reassuring that as we expand our business we don't have to worry about printing problems or color consistency issues."

Wasatch Annotations

All textile samples 3G Holding creates for a customer are printed with Wasatch's annotations. This is necessary to keeping orders organized and knowing exactly what needs to be reprinted based entirely on the information found on the annotations of the samples. "I use the annotation options with every order," explains Kim. "This information gives me everything I need to know to replicate a print."

Once a sample print has been approved by the customer, Kim uses the step-and-repeat tool in Wasatch to create the desired width and length of the pattern. This helps to save time, the difficulty of perfecting the pattern repeat in a design program and it also reduces the rip processing time.

Color Counts

The ability to achieve color consistency with every dye sublimation print is essential to 3G Holding's business and is one reason why Kim has committed to only using Wasatch SoftRIP. When a customer places an order for a design, they expect the same color output as the textile sample or previous order they received. Thanks to Wasatch SoftRIP's PSS halftoning and 16-bit rendering, Kim not only achieves color consistency but also the highest quality color possible.

Wasatch SoftRIP's color matching tools are also critical to Kim's workflow. For example, many of 3G Holding's clients are coordinating colors for an entire hotel chain or hospital and they want to make sure the wall color matches the bedding. "It's easy to match specific color values in Wasatch and achieve the right color for the job," comments Kim. Plus, the color values can be saved in a Wasatch color database for later use.

About 3G Holding

3G Holding dye sublimates textiles for the hospitality industry. The sublimated textiles are then created into sheets, bedspreads, and drapes. Each order is a customized design and all orders have a quick turnaround of three weeks. Dean and Kim Gordon have successfully been running 3G Holding for seven years and are proud to be a part of the textile manufacturing industry that is on the rise in the United States.

3G Holding Picture 01

The business center in the Clarion Hotel in North Carolina is decorated with 3G Holding's dye sublimated textiles.

3G Holding Picture 01

Custom digital drapes and bed skirts in a Best Western hotel chain.

3G Holding Picture 01

3G Holding's facility is home to four Mimaki TS300P printers.

3G Holding Picture 02

Kim Gordon and her husband, Dean, have been in the textile printing industry for 38 years.

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