Wasatch SoftRIP has been instrumental in helping Photo ColorGraphix, a wide-format printer in Thousand Palms, CA, improve their workflow and expand their business. When they opened their doors fifteen years ago, Photo ColorGraphix was a commercial photo lab. Over time, their business evolved and they now provide digital printing, finishing, and fabrication services. Recently, they expanded their services to include fine art reproduction and window graphics.

A Reliable RIP

To handle their printing needs, Photo ColorGraphix needed a RIP that was reliable, robust, and easy-to-learn. Wasatch SoftRIP fit the bill on all counts. SoftRIP's innovative color management features were necessary as well. "Color is very important to my clients," says Chas Allen, Production Manager. "With SoftRIP's Color Atlas Generator and Spot Color Replacement, achieving the ideal color for my clients is easier than ever!"

Precise Controls

SoftRIP's Spot Color Replacement toolset provides precise controls for spot color printing that allow spot colors to be tweaked to correct errors in incoming files, changed to reflect new requirements, and used to bypass color management altogether by directing output to individual print heads containing custom formulated ink.

Quick Replacements

The ability to quickly replace spot colors for clients has improved Photo ColorGraphix' workflow and their bottom line. "I can depend on SoftRIP to help me meet client expectations," says Chas. "Because of that, we've had more referrals, expanded our business nationally and internationally, and increased our sales."

Color Atlas Generator

The Color Atlas Generator works in conjunction with Spot Color Replacement and is one of the most accurate color matching systems on the market today because the matching is done after jobs have run through the output profile. This innovative feature allows users to create a PostScript file of a set of color patches that can be printed on any fabric or media, allowing customers to choose colors based on how they print on actual materials, rather than choosing from a swatch book printed on paper.

About Photo ColorGraphix

Located in Thousand Palms, CA, Photo ColorGraphix specializes in wide-format digital printing, mounting, laminating, finishing, and fabrication services. With nearly 60 years of combined experience in the photo and graphics industry, Photo ColorGraphix has the knowledge, expertise, and creative approach to handle any project.

Photo ColorGraphix Picture 01

Wasatch has helped Photo ColorGraphix improve their workflow and expand their business.

Photo ColorGraphix Picture 02

SoftRIP's color management features help Photo ColorGraphix achieve perfect color for their clients.

Photo ColorGraphix Picture 03

Precise spot color controls provide a dependable color management workflow.

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