OSS Digital, an Australia-based print shop, received awards in two categories during the HP Print Excellence Awards 2013 Asia Pacific and Japan. All printing for their award-winning entries was done using Wasatch SoftRIP. They won awards for "The Olympics Campaign" in the Exhibitions and Events category and "Join the Dots - Marc Jacobs" in the POP/POS category. SoftRIP's powerful color management features, tiling tool, and ease of use, were integral to OSS Digital's success.

The "Olympics Campaign" included a large swimming pool floor graphic and a 10 x 30 meter running track for shoppers to follow as they browsed the shops. One of the most noted features of this project was the vibrancy of the graphics—this was achieved by using SoftRIP's "30 Saturation" input profile that made the colors really pop. Because the graphics used for this campaign were so large, OSS Digital used SoftRIP's tiling tool to divide the installation into manageable sections.

The "Join the Dots" promotions project for Marc Jacob's new perfume was printed using a number of different substrates. In order to achieve consistent color throughout the display, OSS Digital used SoftRIP's color management tools to ensure that each print matched perfectly. OSS Digital also used SoftRIP's tiling tool to print the large 6 x 6 meter floor decal that surrounded the display.

Equipped for Success

OSS Digital uses Wasatch SoftRIP to drive their two HP Designjet L25500 printers, two HP Designjet Z6100 printers, HP Scitex LX600 printer, three HP Designjet 5500 printers, Océ Arizona 250 GT UV flatbed printer, two Zünd L-2500 digital flatbed cutters, and Fotoba Digitrim 62 cutter.

With SoftRIP and the panoply of printers and cutters at their disposal, OSS Digital is equipped to handle all the large format digital printing, offset printing, POP display printing, photographic printing, fabric and textile printing, and direct-to-rigid printing that comes their way.

Powerful Workflow Features

Using SoftRIP's tiling tool, the direct-to-layout feature, and the Wasatch Tracer, OSS Digital has been able to customize their workflow to make it efficient and productive. "SoftRIP's direct-to-layout workflow is invaluable," says Chris. "We can easily add spacing between images, move images around, and utilize the Smart Nesting feature to save time and money."

The Table Cutting Option has also played an integral role in making OSS Digital's workflow more efficient. This feature automatically prints barcodes in the margins of jobs and names output files to allow the table cutter to find the correct match without operator intervention. This saves time and prevents costly mistakes.

With SoftRIP's tiling tool, OSS Digital can easily produce the prints that cover the windows of a large department store in the heart of downtown Sydney. Typically, they make five or six tiles and generate a cut path with the Tracer. Using the Wasatch Tracer, they are able to bypass the need to use a third party graphics application, which saves them a lot of time. "Wasatch works flawlessly between the Tracer and the Layout window," says Chris.

Color Control

Using SoftRIP's spot color controls, OSS Digital can direct output to special print heads, change colors to reflect new job requirements or tweak colors to fix errors in incoming files.

They also use SoftRIP's color management tools to achieve consistent color on the jobs that have to match, such as the large department store window graphics that have been tiled or different display elements that appear next to each other in a retail setting. "With Wasatch, we get consistent color with different inks and substrates without any problems," says Chris.

About OSS Digital

Located in Leichhardt, Australia, OSS Digital provides collateral management services, including retail design, tradeshow booths, creative design, print production, and graphic design. In business for over 25 years, and staffed with nearly 40 employees, OSS Digital supports clients from concept through production to final installation.

OSS Digital

OSS Digital Picture 01

Using SoftRIP's color management features, OSS Digital was able to make the colors in their "Olympics Campaign" graphics really pop.

OSS Digital Picture 02

OSS Digital won an HP Print Excellence Award for their "Join The Dots" promotions project.

OSS Digital Picture 03

OSS Digital won an HP Print Excellence Award for their "Olympics Campaign" that included a 10 x 30 meter running track.

OSS Digital Picture 04

With SoftRIP, OSS Digital was able to achieve consistent color when using different inks and substrates.

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