Greg Robbins, President of Robbins Graphics, LLC, says that since switching to Wasatch, he's been very happy with the quality color and ease of use that SoftRIP provides.

"I've never had a problem with SoftRIP," says Greg. "It never crashes, it's very intuitive, and the color profiles give me spot-on color."

Wasatch SoftRIP and Mutoh

Wasatch SoftRIP's sophisticated color management features, combined with Greg's Mutoh ValueJet 1614-64, provide high print quality and color output, putting Greg ahead of his competition. That's something his previous printers didn't provide. "With my ability to hit a wider color gamut, and with banding no longer an issue, I'm earning a larger client base and reputable status," states Greg. "The prints are nearly photographic!"

Success with SoftRIP

Since Greg started using SoftRIP, he has been able to produce high quality prints with ease. He and his employees were up and running quickly, thanks to SoftRIP's simple setup. And, with features like repeats, nesting, and direct-to-layout workflow, Greg and his crew have seen their overall productivity and quality improve.

About Robbins Graphics

Robbins Graphics, LLC was established in January 1993 by Greg and Micah Robbins. Based in Carmel, IN, Robbins Graphics specializes in large format digital printing. Their capabilities include roll-fed printers, UV flat bed printing, laminating, CNC contour cutting and routing, vehicle graphics, graphic design, and color copies. For more information, click here.

About Mutoh

Mutoh Industries, Ltd. was founded in 1952 in Tokyo and manufactured and distributed mechanical drafting products. Since then, ISO 9000-certified Mutoh Industries, Ltd. has become the world's foremost manufacturer of large format piezoelectric printers. In April, 2007, Mutoh Holdings Co, Ltd. was established as a holding company of affiliates including Mutoh Industries, Ltd. Mutoh has engineering, manufacturing, and distribution centers in Japan, Belgium, and Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit www.mutoh-hd.co.jp for Mutoh Holdings Co, Ltd. and www.mutoh.com for Mutoh America, Inc.

Robbins Graphics Picture 01

Robbins Graphics specializes in large format digital printing, graphic design, vehicle graphics, tradeshow displays, and more.

Robbins Graphics Picture 02

Wasatch SoftRIP's color profiles provide a wide color gamut and are true to color.

Robbins Graphics Picture 03

Printing large format graphics is easy thanks to SoftRIP's powerful color features.

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