Wasatch SoftRIP's user-friendly tools have been essential in helping Custom Soda Labels keep up with their fast-paced business. Custom Soda Labels creates personalized labels for a variety of soda beverages and water bottles. Their customers range from brides to grocery store chains to organizations wanting branded bottles for their customers. The versatile range of customer requests requires them to print and apply labels with a quick turnaround and Wasatch SoftRIP's workflow features are an asset to this process.

"We have customers order as little as a dozen labels up to 6,000 labels," says John Southwick, General Manager of Custom Soda Labels. "Wasatch's color management tools and layout screen make it incredibly easy to print the wide range of orders we receive on a daily basis."

Powerful Layout &
Workflow Tools

Custom Soda Labels, equipped with an iTech AXXIS Digital Label Printer by Allen Datagraph Systems, Inc, relies heavily on Wasatch's layout tools. "Using the layout screen we are able to print multiple orders at once and send the prints directly to the converter," explains John. "This makes our workflow straightforward and keeps our short-run orders organized."

Wasatch's workflow tools also allow John to manage his web-to-print orders with efficiency. Customers can choose from a variety of label templates from Custom Soda Labels' website and personalize them to fit their needs.

Accurate Color Matching

John uses Wasatch's Spot Color Replacement to accurately replace a color in a customer's file when an exact color match is needed. Plus, each spot color can be saved for a later use, saving time and guaranteeing color consistency throughout each order and for reorders. "We work with many customers that want to make sure their logo color is a true match", comments John. "We are able to easily do this with Wasatch color matching tools."

About Custom Soda Labels

Over six years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find and purchase a short-run order of personalized labeled beverages for personal or corporate purposes. With the birth of Custom Soda Labels came the ability to add that extra touch to your daughter's wedding, company retreat, or retail business. Customers are able to not only take an active part in the design of the labels, but also choose from a variety of delicious soda flavors or water to make the perfect combination for their event or store. Custom Soda Labels' growing business serves both local and national businesses.
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Local and national businesses can create customized beverage labels with their own branding.

Custom Soda Labels Pic 2

SoftRIP's Spot Color Replacement makes it possible for Custom Soda Labels to match any color.

Custom Soda Labels Pic 2

Custom Soda Labels' web-to-print services offer artwork templates for easy customization.

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Custom Soda Labels promises a quick turnaround for their customers.

Custom Soda Labels

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