Wasatch Computer Technology's headquarters, located in iconic downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, has recently been remodeled and includes customized wallpaper throughout the building.

Every year Wasatch's Marketing Department creates a large wall calendar that includes trade shows dates from around the world. This year the calendar was incorporated into a floor-to-ceiling nature-themed image that is 20 feet wide. The project turned out so well that we decided to continue the nature-themed wallpaper throughout the building.

Tiling Tools

The wallpaper was printed in-house using Wasatch SoftRIP's features that were designed specifically for printing large graphics. Using SoftRIP's Tiling Tools to divide the oversized image into panels enabled us to RIP and print each panel individually so the job could easily be managed or reprinted if needed.

"Of course, I used Wasatch SoftRIP when printing the office wallpaper and it was even easier than I expected," says Thomas Fox, marketing assistant at Wasatch Computer Technology. "Using the tiling tools, I was able to divide the image into panels that worked best for me when applying the media to the wall. This flexibility made it easy to accommodate for windows and wall fixtures."


Next, Thomas plans on creating a traditionally patterned wallpaper using Wasatch's Repeat tool. This feature will allow him to RIP a single pattern and efficiently repeat it during printing. Any length can be printed from a file containing a single repeat. This saves processing and design time, making a traditional wallcovering pattern a breeze to print.

Growing Market

Wallcoverings and customized home décor products have become increasingly popular. With an interest in products that are personal and engaging, consumers are pushing the market forward.

Fortunately, the advancement in technology has allowed the market to keep up with consumer demand. There are various wallcovering products to choose from depending on the application including fabric, paper or film. These medias are available in several textures for either short-term or long-term application.

Plus, utilizing Wasatch SoftRIP's Barcode Annotation feature to route and ship the finished product to the customer makes it simple to keep up with the increase in demand.

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About Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC

Wasatch Computer Technology, founded by Michael Ware, has been developing innovative RIP and print management software for over 30 years. The Wasatch SoftRIP family of products includes software for various printing applications including textile, dye sublimation, label, and screen.

Wasatch Computer Technology is committed to providing print professionals with RIP software that produces superior color reproduction and intuitive workflow management tools.

The wallpaper media mentioned in this story was supplied by IT Supplies.

Calendar Wallpaper

A large calendar was incorporated into this wallpaper image.

Wasatch wallpaper

The nature-themed wallpaper was applied in a high-traffic area in Wasatch's office so all could enjoy.

Wasatch wallpaper

A white wall in the breakroom was covered with wallpaper, giving the room dimension and character.

Wasatch Computer Technology

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