Wasatch SoftRIP’s Variable Data Printing (VDP) Option helps streamline the production of customized print runs, such as labels, jerseys, promotional items, envelopes, and more. Use SoftRIP's VDP to quickly customize your output and streamline your workflow. VDP can be used in conjunction with the Contour Cutting Option to create intricate contour cut labels or to create individualized t-shirts and sports jerseys quickly when paired with a direct-to-textile printer or dye sublimation workflow.

Watch Variable Data Printing in action.

Customizable Variable Data Templates

With Wasatch, adding variable data customization to your inkjet workflow is easy. Instantly create repeating or sequential values with SoftRIP’s Auto-Data feature or import data from a comma-delimited text file or from any application that can produce a comma-delimited file. Customize variable data fields with fonts, barcodes, QR codes, Data Matrix codes, with a variety of sizing, color, and effect features. And automatically resize text and images with expand- or shrink-to-fit bounding box options.

Increase your customization and design options by expanding your font library. Click here to learn how!

Powerful Print Options

With Wasatch VDP, you can preview your prints before consuming ink and media and save your templates for future use. Select batch processing to print jobs with 10,000 records or more and use SoftRIP’s Smart Nesting feature to create media- and time-saving layouts. Or, use the Fast Layout tool to automate the production of runs of thousands of variable data jobs right out of VDP.

Speed and Features

  • Support for 2D codes: QR Code and Data Matrix
  • Support for barcode reduction to offset the effect of dot gain and maximize the quality of printed barcodes
  • Better prompting and batch processing for high-speed production of thousands of variable jobs, including parallel processing on machines with multiple CPU cores
  • A Fast Layout tool that supports automated production of runs of thousands of variable data jobs right out of VDP

Make Your VDP Workflow More Efficient

  • Use background graphics in any format supported by SoftRIP
  • Import data from a comma-delimited text file or from any application that can produce a comma-delimited file
  • Create databases directly in SoftRIP
  • Instantly create repeating values or sequential values, such as serial numbers, with the Auto-Data feature
  • Assign a different logo or graphic to every print, using file types like EPS, TIF, and JPG
  • Select from a variety of barcode fonts including Code 11, Code 2 or 5, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128/128-A/128-B, Codabar, MSI Plessey, UPC/EAN, EAN-13/EAN-8, and UPC-A/UPC-E
  • Automatically resize images with expand- or shrink-to-fit bounding box options
  • Preview prints before consuming ink and media
  • Process print runs with 10,000 records or more using batch RIP and Print
  • Customize labels or complex cutouts with the optional Contour Cutting Option*

Format Variable Data Text Right in SoftRIP

  • Easily control variable data text appearance with templates
  • Layout data fields quickly with automatic type scaling and justification
  • Set type with the included Wasatch fonts and barcode fonts or any TrueType font on your system
  • Decorate your type with drop shadows and outlines
  • Specify font colors and stylistic elements in RGB or CMYK
  • Create professional results with pair-kerned typesetting
  • Move, resize, align, and distribute multiple fields together

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