Are you using an older version of Wasatch SoftRIP and thinking about upgrading? Click on the links below to learn about all the features we've added since you last upgraded your software.

SoftRIP Version 7.6
Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.6 introduces improvements to handling of spot color replacement for 100 times more precision. A new tool allows you to create swatch books from your Wasatch SoftRIP color database. Wasatch's Automation option has improved performance, including features to enable touch-screen interfaces for enhanced production workflow. An improved installer imports printer settings automatically.

SoftRIP Version 7.5
SoftRIP Version 7.5 introduces a new Thumbnail Browser that provides a visual alternative to searching RIP and Print Queues, a selection to import CIE Lab colors from CxF software such as PANTONE® Color Manager, the ability to drive up to eight printers from one SoftRIP license, and more exciting features that improve color workflow.

SoftRIP Version 7.4
A new SoftRIP Label Edition, leading-edge workflow automation, and queue enhancements are included in Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.4. This progressive release supports complex, fast-paced environments with our Automation Option and the growing digital label market with our simple-to-use Label Edition.

SoftRIP Version 7.3
Barcode-driven workflow, support for image file formats used in direct-to-garment printing, and added management tools are some of the new features in Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.3. No matter if you are running one copy of SoftRIP or twenty, this release will help increase productivity and profitability by giving you more control over your printing process.

SoftRIP Version 7.2
Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.2 has new features and enhancements offering users more control and speed with textile printing, a new advanced halftoning method that improves image quality in fine art, additional options when printing Fotoba Marks, and improved capability with CHROMix Curve3 and the G7® calibration. Wasatch SoftRIP’s latest release incorporates greater flexibility and workflow options, no matter what your printing production entails.

SoftRIP Version 7.1
Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.1 incorporates our latest improvements for high-speed parallel processing, the new Color Neighborhood Analyzer, enhanced support for direct-to-garment printing, and advanced customized production tools. Use Wasatch SoftRIP to run multiple printers in parallel with more speed and convenience than ever before!

SoftRIP Version 7.0
Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.0 offers users the ability to create, edit, delete, and manage thousands of unique jobs every day; support for rotary cutting equipment and enhanced die cutting features; and XML control of Wasatch SoftRIP that allows users to build custom user interfaces and job submission tools. Along with this release is the release of Wasatch Variable Data Printing Version 2.0 that introduces exciting technologies, such as variable QR Codes and special rendering features essential to barcode print quality and a new Fast Layout tool that makes the generation of 10,000 variable labels easy and automated.

SoftRIP Version 6.9
Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.9 offers dramatic speed improvements for users who keep multiple entries in their RIP and Print Queues; a new Output column in the Print Queue for keeping track of how many copies of a job have been printed; enhancements to our barcode-driven print-and-cut workflow; the option for users to mirror and rotate their images directly in the Print Setup screen; and the ability to add center register marks that are useful in the production of inkjet separations.

SoftRIP Version 6.8
Wasatch SoftRIP 6.8 features a new Separations mode in SoftRIP SP that automatically detects the correct spot color and process separations to produce for incoming jobs; enhanced support for dye sublimation and textile printing; enhanced support of custom inksets for most popular printers; improved handling of PDF files that involve transparency; a new Hindi user interface; and support for multiple new Chinese printers that have completed our quality assurance process.

SoftRIP Version 6.7
Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.7 enhances finishing workflows with expanded support for Zünd and Esko Kongsberg cutters, improved Fotoba support, and specialized registration tools for supporting label printing and converting lines.

SoftRIP Version 6.6
Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.6 features the Wasatch Tracer that allows users to create contour cut paths or generate white ink plates directly within SoftRIP.

SoftRIP Version 6.5
Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.5 includes the Wasatch Cost Estimator, updates to PSS Halftoning, an expanded suite of ICC Input Profiles, an improved Profile View, and a Performance Mode in SoftRIP TX that allows for faster textile printing.