Ray Serpa, Owner/President of Xtreme Performance Wraps, asserts "Profit margins have gone through the roof since switching to Wasatch SoftRIP. It was the best decision made to launch into wide format printing!"

Ray has been very impressed with the print quality and color he gets with SoftRIP. His workflow has been more efficient and cost effective, thanks in part to SoftRIP's dynamic tiling options and the new Wasatch Cost Estimator.

Wasatch SoftRIP & Mutoh

Wasatch SoftRIP's sophisticated print management features, combined with Mutoh's i2 Printing Technique, reduce costs and increase high quality production without any banding. Colors are accurately matched to achieve a favorable color gamut with minimal ink usage. "My blues are truer and my blacks pop more, leaving no room for error," says Ray. "I find no need for any other RIP."

Extreme Color Accuracy & More

Since Ray started using SoftRIP, he has been able to achieve superior color accuracy. And, he was able to get up and running immediately, thanks to SoftRIP's easy-to-learn workflow, and has seen a huge increase in productivity and profit ever since.

About Xtreme Performance Wraps

Xtreme Performance Wraps generates products that are unparallel to that of their competitors, including high-definition vehicle and window graphics, building wraps, banners, and tradeshow displays. They have also ventured into the photography market by creating life-like artwork. A recent project included images intricately printed on a 60" canvas.

Xtreme Performance Picture 01

SoftRIP's color management features help Ray Serpa produce high quality images for his clients.

Xtreme Performance Picture 02

SoftRIP's superior color accuracy and intuitive workflow help Xtreme Performance produce high quality car wraps.

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