Wasatch Color Experts


Phil Pirie


Wasatch Color Experts have completed our Profiling Assessment, demonstrating their competence and expertise in color management.


At CCP we provide solutions to your printing quality issues.

We have over 30 years of technical experience in the international graphic arts sector. Many will know one of our team Phil Pirie as their old contact at Wasatch over the past 20 years.

Here at CCP we provide a solution to your colour issues.

Many might not realize that simply dropping in an old ICC will not sort out all your problems.

Providing a New Custom Imaging configuration will match your media and inks and will also save you on ink usage. We have seen cases where the ink usage has decreased by up to 20%.

You can contact us at the following :

Tel:  07809 762 622

Email:  philip.pirie@btinternet.com