Shape Nesting Beta Test

Dear Wasatch Customer,

Thank you for participating in beta test of our new Shape Nesting feature.

This 30-second video may help you get started.

November 22 update now available for download.  See log of changes below.

Shape Nesting will be free of charge with all Wasatch SoftRIP subscriptions.  If you would like to turn off this message, at any time, select "Help" on the Wasatch main menu, followed by "Turn off Shape Nesting Beta Test".

Find the latest beta test news below, along with a form for providing feedback.


Cutting paths are required to make shape nests.   These paths may arrive with the incoming files, or they may be created with Tracer, as shown in the demo video.   Integration of shape nesting with hot folders and other automated workflow options is in progress, and input is welcome, with the feedback form below.

Log of Changes During Beta Test:

November 22, 2022

  1. Cut paths now handled correctly with Mirror and Rotate on Setup window
  2. Corrected support for manual adjustment of shape-nested layouts.

October 17, 2022

  1. Several fixes prompted by users starting actual production
  2. This update fixes an intermittent crash, so we recommend it highly.

October 6: 2022

  1. Fix for intermittent problem during shape-nested output to print

September 30, 2022:

This first beta test release, has four known bugs:

  1. Rotate on the Setup tab cannot be used with cutting.  Print and cut with mirror on the setup tab works fine.
  2. Shape Nested Layouts cannot be reliably reopened from Queues.
  3. When printing with files separated, some gaps may appear with files that have lots of white space surrounding the cut path.
  4. Tracer works well, but some minor bug fixes and improvements are planned.

Thank you for participiating in our beta test!
We really appreciate your feedback.
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