Color Neighborhood Analyzer

Found under the Color menu in Wasatch SoftRIP, the Color Neighborhood Analyzer makes it possible to match spot colors perfectly on your target media, even on specialty surfaces that make it difficult to create an accurate profile.

Targeted Spot Color

As a powerful supplement to the Color Atlas Generator, use the Color Neighborhood Analyzer to find your target color effortlessly. No matter how difficult your substrate may be to profile, with only a couple of steps, the Color Neighborhood Analyzers will allow you to achieve the desired spot color every time.

  • A test pattern consist of 100 patches centered on your target color
  • Control the color space around the target color
  • Preview the pattern before printing
  • Enter a RGB value as your target color from a swatch book created by the Color Atlas Generator
  • Ideal tool for dye sublimation and direct-to-textile printing

Color Neighborhood Properties

Color Neighborhood Swatches

Color Atlas Swatches