Color Atlas Generator

Managing color with six, seven, or more, different inks can be difficult with ICC color management.

Sometimes the best solution is a large swatch book, from which exact colors can be selected.   With a physical book, output from your actual printing equipment, you can count on your accuracy.

Wasatch SoftRIP's Color Atlas Generator is a fast and powerful way to generate large swatchbooks that cover the span of color.  It is one of the most accurate color matching systems available. This innovative feature works so well because the matching is done after jobs have run through an output profile.   Little color shifts and subtleties will no longer affect your spot color replacements, so you'll get an accurate color match every time.

Even with color profiles not made for your exact print scenario, the Color Atlas Generator makes it easy to match spot colors perfectly with your target media.

Color Atlas Generator is included in every basic subscription to Wasatch SoftRIP.

Color Atlas Swatches

  • Specify the range of hues to print and the number of color patches within a hue range
  • Produce pages in color or grayscale
  • Control the atlas page size and number of rows/columns
  • Adjust the minimum brightness to minimize "dark" patches
  • Preview the colors to be printed on each page of the atlas
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