Below are additional components that are needed for SoftRIP to work with the Epson Dashboard.

The Epson SureColor drivers require the EpsonNet utility be installed directly on the computer running SoftRIP.

The utility can be downloaded using the following link:

EpsonNet Utility


Optionally, the Epson communication driver and the Epson Control Dashboard need to be installed before the Epson Precision Dot halftone option can be used. Installation files for these components can be downloaded from the following links:

Epson Control Dashboard

Epson Communication Driver F6300

Epson Communication Driver F6400/F6400H

Epson Communication Driver F9300

Epson Communication Driver F10000

Epson Communication Driver F10000H

Epson Communication Driver R5000

Epson Communication Driver S40, S60, S80


After all components have been installed, launch the Epson Control Dashboard and "register" your printer before attempting to print from SoftRIP. Remember, the printer must only be registered to one dashboard at a time.

NOTE: A USB connection is not supported.


As an alternative to the links provided above, you can obtain the components directly from Epson. Click one of the following links:

SureColor® F6300

SureColor® F9300

SureColor® F9400

SureColor® F9400H

SureColor® F10000

SureColor® F10000H

SureColor® R5000

SureColor® S40

SureColor® S60

SureColor® S80


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