Film Separations with Windows Drivers

Wasatch SoftRIP's advanced features for making film separations can be used with many printers that come with manufacturer's Windows drivers.  This can be available for printers that are not listed on Wasatch's page of supported printers, such as the Epson SC-T3100 demonstrated here.   Wasatch users report similar good results from the Epson SC-T3400.

Manufacturer's controls are not designed for this application, so setting them up may be challenging.   These settings can be captured in Wasatch SoftRIP's Imaging Configurations, and shared or downloaded.  Configurations for select printers, such as this one, can be downloaded instantly from the Wasatch Cloud.

Once one of these Imaging Configurations is installed, it can be used as a basis for new configurations, with different LPI, or advanced options such as Wasatch Precision Rosette Screens, and Wasatch Hybrid Screens.   We've seen great results up to 65 lpi and more with the SC-T3100 in our office.

Watch this 50-second demo to see how easy it can be.

All this is done with our General Windows Printer driver, which is included in every base subscription to Wasatch SoftRIP.

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