A Hundred Shirts per Hour

Using Wasatch SoftRIP's Automation Option to implement a "barcode pull" workflow, Epson America recently demostrated production of one hundred t-shirts per hour, with two SureColor F3070 Direct-To-Garment printers.

This was done with a basic Wasatch subscription plus premium driver package and Automation Option.  A Wasatch Python script was slightly customized to create the workflow.

The Wasatch Automation Option enables high-volume producers to increase productivity and eliminate errors.

Any active business will have existing processes for handling orders and artwork.  In order to use automation, your Wasatch system must be be able to access your orders and artwork.   Integration with your existing business processes is done through the Wasatch API, which is accessible via popular scripting languages such as PHP, Python, Node JS, and Ruby.  Sample source code demonstrates a variety of applications, using Wasatch SoftRIP's embedded Python interpreter.

For "barcode pull" in the Direct-To-Garment market, Wasatch has produced a generic script that uses ".csv" files to connect with orders and artwork.  This Python script is open source, and designed to be easy to edit.    For many users, no customization is needed, and for others, minor customization has been quick and simple.

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