OKI Pro 1040/1050

This exciting toner-based label printer is fully supported by Wasatch SoftRIP.

Wasatch color management and halftoning drastically improve the precision and quality of color printing, making smooth gradients and photo-realistic images possible.   Spot color replacement works well.

Our bypass of the Windows driver and spooling system greatly reduces startup time, and speeds production.

Various Wasatch options for the automatic generation of white toner are included.   A variety of options are provided for integration into converting lines, when printing on unmarked, pre-marked, and pre-cut media.

Add the Wasatch Cutting Option for further integration with digital finishing devices, such as the ADSI Talon.   Also consider adding the Wasatch Variable Data Printing option, for flexible VDP production.




This support is included in the basic subscription to Wasatch SoftRIP.   Your basic subscription can support two of these printers, and every subscription can be upgraded to up to eight printers, making scalable banks of these printers practical for volume production.

With a Wasatch subscription you always have access to the latest revisions, newest features and device support, and unlimited access to the Wasatch service team. It is a low cost way to preserve your workflow and color when updating and adding new devices.

When updating your existing license, you have the option of running with your existing USB copy protection. This can reduce, or in some cases eliminate any need to connect to the Internet.

Alternatively, if you can connect to the Internet just once per week, you can start a cloud license that is assigned to your computer with no copy protection device at all. Only a brief connection is needed.

Wasatch subscriptions are a low-cost and low-risk option that you can choose to continue or cancel at any time. We hope you'll never want to cancel, but if you do, you can cancel any subscription at the press of a button.

You can even install a subscription alongside your permanent copy of Wasatch SoftRIP, run it for a month, and cancel if you feel the benefit was not enough for you. We think you'll discover a big benefit.