Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.9

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.9 offers dramatic speed improvements for users who keep multiple entries in their RIP and Print Queues; a new Output column in the Print Queue for keeping track of how many copies of a job have been printed; enhancements to our barcode-driven print-and-cut workflow; the option for users to mirror and rotate their images directly in the Print Setup screen; and the ability to add center register marks that are useful in the production of inkjet separations.

Speed Enhancements

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.9 provides a drastic increase in speed for users who maintain a lot of entries in their RIP and Print Queues. For users with a few hundred such entries, many operations are two to five times faster and some operations are a hundred times faster.

New Output Column

This release includes a new Output column in the Print Queue that keeps track of how many copies of a job have been printed. The Output column is updated when a physical output of a copy is completed. If multiple copies are output via a layout, the column is updated each time a copy is completed so that if a layout is interrupted, users have an indication of what was printed and what remains to be finished.

The new Output column can also be viewed through Wasatch ImageNET™. By configuring this through a server proxy, users can check the status of all their output from anywhere they have access to the Internet.


Barcode-Driven Print-and-Cut Workflow

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.9 allows users to utilize the barcode system of their roll cutter to automate their print-and-cut production process. With this workflow, each job is printed by SoftRIP with a unique barcode that corresponds to the cut path that is defined in the print job. This release also improves our support for barcode workflows with Zünd and i-cut table cutters.

Once the cutter reads the printed barcode, the barcode is sent to SoftRIP and the corresponding cut job is sent to the cutter. After the cutter cuts the contour path, it scans for the next barcode and repeats the process. This innovative feature allows for a whole roll of media to be cut with minimal user intervention.

Mirror and Rotation Selections

The Mirror option has been added to the Print Setup screen in Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.9. This addresses common issues facing users in the dye sublimation market. With this type of printing, the image must be printed as a mirror image so it will be correct after the additional mirroring that results from the transfer process.

Since the printer has to be configured for transfer materials in the first place, the ideal time to select the Mirror option is in the Print Setup window so the user doesn't have to worry about selecting this option later in the printing process and the user sees the finished work and not the transfer step. After selecting the Mirror option in the Print Setup screen, the user doesn't have to keep selecting this option in the Job screen, which helps reduce errors and minimize waste of expensive consumables.



Users also now have the ability to select the Rotation 180 option directly in the Print Setup window. This option prints jobs upside down relative to the preview on the Job screen. This enables users to have prints come out of the printer right side up. This is ideal for users who are displaying at trade shows or on showroom floors.


Register Marks Options

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.9 allows users to add center register marks to their print jobs. These marks are useful when stripping inkjet separation films on a light table and for other hand registration issues.