Kaltim Post Group

"Since we began using SoftRIP SP," says Bambang Setyono, Production Manager, "we've increased our production and made our workflow more efficient."

For the past four years, Kaltim Post Group, an Indonesian newspaper publisher, has been using Wasatch SoftRIP SP and Epson printers to streamline their production process and make publishing their newspapers more affordable and profitable.

Improved Workflow

Before using SoftRIP SP, Kaltim Post Group's production process was "messy and wasteful," according to Bambang Setyono, Production Manager. "Since we began using SoftRIP SP," says Bambang, "we've increased our production and made our workflow more efficient."

With a number of halftone methods to choose from, a Separations mode that automatically detects spot and process separations, overprint support, and a multitude of operator controls, SoftRIP SP provides Kaltim Post Group with all the controls they need to produce quality inkjet separations.

Profitable Solution


By incorporating better technology with their eight copies of SoftRIP SP and 16 Epson printers, Kaltim Post Group has been able to increase the number of newspapers they publish from four to eight. With more control over their production process, they've been able to streamline their workflow, making it more affordable and profitable to publish their eight dailies.


Kaltim Post Group uses SoftRIP SP and Epson printers to streamline their production process.

Increased Control

SoftRIP SP has the tools Kaltim Post Group needs to modify their separations to compensate for the print conditions of their final output device. Using the Press Curve controls, Kaltim Post Group can linearize the press or produce other press behaviors.

Kaltim Post Group also has control over their dot area with SoftRIP SP's color calibration utility that is compatible with the industry's major densitometers. "The implementation of SoftRIP SP controls, like press curves and color calibration, has given us more control over our production process," says Bambang.

About Kaltim Post Group

Part of the Indonesian newspaper conglomerate Jawa Post Group, Kaltim Post Group is located in Balikpapan, Indonesia. Kaltim Post Group has 100 employees and publishes eight daily newspapers, with the largest circulation of 20,000 belonging to Balikpapan Post

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