Marco Fine Arts

Success using Wasatch Automation

"I can't stress enough how important and useful the Barcode Pull is for our production," explains John McPherson. "The workflow is productive, reliable and very scalable, allowing us to seamlessly onboard new customers with ease and efficiency."

Marco Fine Arts’ success is built on expertise, innovation, and a commitment to producing the highest quality products. Their rigorous standards and devotion to being at the forefront of leading-edge technology naturally led them into the evolving industry of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing using Wasatch SoftRIP’s robust workflow options. Creating a scalable workflow solution with SoftRIP’s Automation Option brought their production from just a few shirts per hour to substantial volumes per day.

John McPherson, print manager and technical director, was given the task to spearhead the DTG department, fulfilling the growing requests for on-demand apparel. John knew he had to find a solution that met Marco Fine Arts’ high standards and a workflow that would solve a complex print production process. Although already familiar with Wasatch SoftRIP through their dye sublimation printing, John did thorough testing before concluding that SoftRIP is the ideal DTG print solution for high-definition output and workflow automation.

Workflow Automation

Using Wasatch's Automation Option, Marco Fine Arts rapidly scaled their DTG production from a single Epson SureColor® F2000 printer to a print farm, fulfilling considerable volumes per day.

"I'm thrilled by the ease of use, exceptional color, and the streamlined production," says John. “The process is efficient and dependable." Rolling out a workflow created with Wasatch’s automation features required little training and almost zero downtime for his production team. In fact, John used to spend most of his workday with the DTG print operators troubleshooting and confirming all orders were processed without errors. "I no longer need to worry about my staff with this systematized and productive process," comments John.


By implementing Wasatch's Barcode Pull utility, a tool found in the Automation Option, all the DTG orders could be processed efficiently without compromising on quality. By administering the Barcode Pull utility, a print operator simply scans a barcode label that has been placed directly on the shirt. This action will trigger a specified image file to be pulled from a central folder to then be RIPped and printed for the corresponding order. This scalable solution became a primary control for all their Epson SureColor F2000 printers, enabling them to significantly increase their ordering processing while reducing errors and becoming more valuable to new clients requiring garment fulfillment.

Marco Fine Arts satisfied a new market for their clients by creating detailed imagery on shirts while fulfilling a tremendous volume of orders per week, thanks to the Wasatch Automation Option. "I can't stress enough how important and useful the Barcode Pull is for our production," explains John. "The workflow is productive, reliable and very scalable, allowing us to seamlessly onboard new customers with ease and efficiency."

About Marco Fine Arts

Marco Fine Arts, located in Austin, TX, has over 400 dedicated employees. They pride themselves on innovation and operational excellence. The 750,000 square foot facility and advanced equipment allows them to push the boundaries and achieve superior quality. Their services also include fine art reproduction, professional framing and fulfillment management. For more information on Marco Fine Arts, visit their website.

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