The Norwegian Opera & Ballet

Success with SoftRIP TX

"Wasatch SoftRIP and the d.gen Artrix GT printer give us more possibilities. We now can customize our costumes to exactly how we envision them,” says Kari Alette Baekkevold, the Head of Print and Dyeshop.

The Norwegian Opera & Ballet has achieved great success with Wasatch SoftRIP TX, producing rich vibrant colors on fine fabrics. SoftRIP TX, developed exclusively for textile printing, and a d.gen Artrix GT Digital Textile printer allows them to create extraordinary costumes and accessories for their productions. SoftRIP’s powerful color tools and ease of use allow for complete control so the creative design is never compromised.

Powerful Features

SoftRIP TX gives the Norwegian Opera & Ballet all the features they need to get their complex production running smoothly. The demand for premium color is no problem with SoftRIP’s 16-bit rendering and PSS halftoning. The highest quality of color is reproduced with the greatest level of intricacy. SoftRIP’s efficient workflow, easy setup, and real time status of each job with Queues Management allow the Norwegian Opera & Ballet to focus on what really matters- their performances.


The premium of the ballet, Manon.

Creative Drive

The specialized tools in SoftRIP TX give the Norwegian Opera & Ballet flexibility to be creative without worrying about reaching beautiful life-like colors. Plus, with Wasatch's Efficient Repeats they can customize their design directly in SoftRIP with advanced drop and slide controls, saving time and reducing file size. This is possible with SoftRIP’s halftoning and re-sampling algorithms that ensures seamless repeats.

"Wasatch SoftRIP and the d.gen Artrix printer give us more possibilities. We now can customize our costumes to exactly how we envision them,” says Kari Alette Baekkevold, the Head of Print and Dyeshop. “We print on a wide variety of fabrics. For our last production we printed on silk, viscose velvet, and silk pongee. It made beautiful costumes!" Since detail is important, Swarovski stones and gold elements are added to the costumes resulting in exquisite designs that leave a lasting impression.


Gold accents were added to the top of this costume and the skirt was hand dyed.


From the production of Firebird.

Top Quality Color

SoftRIP’s easy-to-use color management tools make it effortless to achieve the desired color. When an exact color is needed, Kari Alette utilizes the Color Atlas Generator by specifying a range of color swatches and printing on the target fabric. She then uses the Spot Color Replacement tool to enter LAB values. The result is a perfect color match.  Another feature Kari Alette finds useful is SoftRIP’s Correction Curves. Easy color adjustments are made in the Color Transform window to make the colors really pop!


Wasatch SoftRIP and the d.gen Artrix GT printer create crisp designs with rich blacks. The company only picked fabric that could withstand many performances and washings.


No detailed was spared when creating the cape for Firebird. In the making of this costume, areas were hand painted with the devore technique to accentuate the red.

About The Norwegian Opera & Ballet

The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet is Norway's largest music and performing arts institution. There are over 600 employees from over 40 nations and 50 different professions. The orchestral musicians, singers, performers, stage technicians, costume department and the administrative staff all work hand-and-hand as one of the most advanced theater houses. There are five companies in total: The National Ballet, The National Opera, The Opera Orchestra, The Opera Chorus, and The Children's Chorus. Attendance to the theater is at a record breaking high and with all the talent under one roof it is easy to see why! To learn more, visit

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