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“The highest quality output is very important,” explains Marcel Salome, which is why after months of testing he knows firsthand that he can rely on Wasatch for producing color consistent and detailed prints.

As an internationally acclaimed digital printing company specializing in fine art reproduction, Re-Art takes pride in every print that leaves their building. With Re-Art’s collective expertise, it is no surprise that artists, art galleries, and museums trust Re-Art with original and reproduction pieces of artwork. “We create art,” says Marcel Salome, founder of Re-Art, who is committed to the highest standards of fine art printing and working one-on-one with clients to ensure only impeccable prints leave his building.

“Anyone can buy the equipment, but not everyone has the knowledge and expertise to utilize it to its full potential,” comments Marcel. He acknowledges that having the right equipment is critical but understands there is much more to it than that. He and the staff do thorough testing and become experts on the printer, substrate, and the RIP software before offering a solution to their clients. Re-Art is recognized in the industry for their rigorous testing methods and high-quality output.


Located in The Netherlands, Re-Art was founded by Marcel Salome.

Re-Art’s reputation has earned them clients from around the world. Their clientele includes the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York, currently showing a photography exhibit from Tjalf Sparnaay, and an impressive list of artists and buyers from around the world, including Michael Parkes, Ole Ahlberg, Hans Withoos and Christian Louboutin. The exclusive designs for Christian Louboutin were made using a unique technique (and somewhat secretive) process for dye sublimation onto metal panels. These memorable, vibrant, and durable pieces of art created on varies finishes of metal are presently displayed in a European Christian Louboutin retail store with the intent to expand into more locations.

Dye Sublimation

Re-Art offers a variety of solutions to their customers including Giclée, fine art, photography, and metal prints. They introduced sublimatable metal prints, manufactured by ChromaLuxe, to their clients a couple of years ago. This solution includes the Epson SureColor F6200, a prominent dye sublimation printer, and Wasatch SoftRIP, leading RIP software for dye sublimation. After considerable testing, Re-Art found the solution to be a perfect fit to incorporate into their high-end offerings.

Art collectors purchase a piece of art with the expectation that it will last a lifetime and Re-Art has verified through strenuous testing that dye sublimating prints onto ChromaLuxe metal panels is not only durable but thanks to Wasatch SoftRIP the prints are also detailed and vibrant. “I am able to comfortably offer them a piece of work dye sublimated onto ChromaLuxe knowing that the art will be preserved," says Marcel.


A dye sublimated print is being transferred to a ChromaLuxe panel.

Trusted RIP Software

The sublimation process requires that the environment and procedures stay consistent, which is why Marcel trusts Wasatch SoftRIP. Each imaging configuration is setup and saved in the software according to the work being done. The print operator simply needs to select the desired imaging configuration and print. Wasatch produces consistent and reliable results with every print.

Marcel worked closely with Wasatch and ChromaLuxe to produce imaging configurations that met his standards. Using Wasatch’s color correction tools, including color correction curves and color matching, they were able to make the necessary adjustments to produce the best possible results for their needs. “The highest quality output is very important,” explains Marcel, which is why after months of testing he knows firsthand that he can rely on Wasatch for producing color consistent and detailed prints.

Located in The Netherlands, Re-Art was founded by Marcel Salome in 2002. Marcel's 30 years in the industry has given him an extensive background in art reproduction and color management. He is regarded in the industry as the “best master printer of his age”.  Re-Art's experienced staff has been tutored first hand by Marcel. With his willingness to share his expertise on traditional and reproduction printing, plus his staff’s knowledge of the latest digital techniques, the company has been claimed as the “pioneer of Giclée” and is also the founder of the Certified Art Giclée hallmark and Giclée Printers Europe. Re-Art is the premier digital printing company and fine art reproduction in Europe. For more information, visit

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