Scenic Shutterbug

Personalized Photo Products Created with Dye-Sublimation Using Wasatch SoftRIP

"I get great joy preserving memories for my clients," says Karen Gottschall, owner of Scenic Shutterbug. “There is no better way to do this than through the dye sublimation process." Using Wasatch SoftRIP, Scenic Shutterbug creates custom dye sublimation photo products for a loyal customer base.

Karen Gottschall’s passion for photography, particularly restoring, editing and preserving photos, was her inspiration for starting Scenic Shutterbug. With a vision and a little research, Karen discovered through dye sublimation she could preserve her client's memories in unexpected ways using stone tiles, metal photo panels, coasters, hardboard placemats and much more.

Scenic Shutterbug is a fast growing business with a stellar reputation for adding a personal touch to each job they prepare. "I get great joy preserving memories for my clients," says Karen. “There is no better way to do this than through the dye sublimation process."

Dye Sublimation

Using Wasatch SoftRIP and Chromaluxe sublimatable print media, Scenic Shutterbug creates long-lasting dye sublimation prints with vibrant colors on material that is durable and distinctive. Using this method, Scenic Shutterbug not only preserves family photos but also does archival work for the local government, galleries, and schools.

In addition to photo restoration and archival work, they also create functional photo products ranging from jewelry boxes to customized kitchen products comprising of cake pans, hardboard placemats, serving trays, and glass cutting boards.

In the quest to find unique ways to preserve photographs, Karen discovered she could sublimate onto tile. Personalized ceramic, stone, marble, or glass tile have become a popular alternative when creating kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds and decorative floor accents. Each tile mural is completely tailor-made and produced to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Ease of Use

"I am pleased with how easy Wasatch is to use. I simply drag and drop images into the layout screen to arrange the layout that suits me best," explains Karen. Wasatch Queues is also used regularly in their production to reprint layouts or individual images. Plus, the queues provide an overview of what jobs were printed throughout the day.

Karen acknowledges that their equipment and software need to be running optimally at all times in order to keep up with demand. For this reason, she always has an active account that gives her team unlimited access to technical support and free software updates. This can be especially important during the holiday season when they are creating personalized gifts such as ornaments, pet tags, and corporate gifts of clocks and laptop sleeves.

"I am very happy with Wasatch and especially the support," comments Karen. "If there is ever an issue or a question we run across, I know I can rely on Wasatch's support to get us back up and running quickly."

About Scenic Shutterbug LLC

Scenic Shutterbug provides personalized photo products created with client’s images or professional photographs provided by Karen Gottschall, owner of Scenic Shutterbug. Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Each order receives individual attention and every product is created with exceptional quality. Located in, South Carolina, Scenic Shutterbug has a strong, loyal client base. For more information on Scenic Shutterbug, LLC, visit their website.

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