Welcome to Wasatch Cloud Printing

Wasatch Cloud Printing is designed to integrate seamlessly with your current production system. Once you have enabled the feature for you subscription, to get started, click the Cloud Printing option from the Tools menu in Wasatch SoftRIP. In order to ensure your storage space is secure, you will need login to your Wasatch Cloud Account to access this tool. Once logged in, you will see your Cloud Printing interface. The Cloud Printing interface is divided into a Toolbar and Gallery.

Navigating The Cloud Printing Interface

Adding Items

The toolbar allows you to manage the items in your Cloud Printing Gallery. The Upload button allows you to upload files from your local system into the cloud. Once an upload is completed, the uploaded file will appear in your Gallery. Click on an uploaded image to focus in on it. When focusing on an image, it is displayed in its native resolution along with basic metadata such as file size and who uploaded the image. You can return to your gallery view by pressing the Back button in the toolbar or by selecting the desired location from the path links next to the Back button.

To keep your files organized, use the Create Folder button to add folders to your Gallery. As you add more folders to your cloud storage space, the path links in the Toolbar will allow you to quickly move between them.

Selecting Items

Once you have a few files and folders, use the Select Items button to choose a group of files or folders to perform an action on. First, press the Select Items button and then click any files or folders you would like to perform an action on. If you would like to clear this selection, the Select Items button is replaced by the Clear button while the selection process is active. Once you have chosen a target, the Actions button will allow you to Print, Download, Delete, Move or Rename your it.


After selecting a file or group of files from your gallery, selecting the Print option from the Actions droplist. This will open a menu that allows you to determine how Wasatch SoftRIP will process your selection. You can send items to any Print Unit that has a hotfolder configured. In addition to selecting a Print Unit, you can send your items to the RIP queue or simply RIP or print a number of copies of the items.


After selecting any files or folders from your gallery, selecting Download from the Actions droplist will gather all of the items in your selection into a .zip file and download them to your system. If you select a folder for downloading, all of the contents of that folder and any folders within it will be downloaded.

Deleting Items

After selecting any files of folders from your gallery, selecting Delete from the Actions droplist will remove all of the selected items from your Wasatch Cloud Printing storage space. These deletion cannot be undone.

Moving Items

After selecting any files of folders from your gallery, selecting Move from the Actions droplist will allow you to choose a new folder to move your selected items into. Be aware that you cannot move folders into themselves.

Renaming Items

After selecting an item or folder from your gallery, selecting Rename from the Actions droplist will allow you to rename that item. Notice that since items cannot share names you can only rename one item at a time.


Receiving Client Uploads

Receiving uploads from anyone on the internet is a powerful tool. To ensure that this tool is only used by clients you enjoy working with, you are able to create and manage Client Accounts. To get started on this, click the Manage Client Accounts link in the Cloud Printing Toolbar. This will bring you to the Client Account Manager. To add a new Client Account, press the New User button. A new user only needs a username. When a new Client Account is added, a folder that shares their name will be added to your Cloud Printing Gallery. All uploads from this user will be routed to this folder.

When you are ready to share upload access with a client, use the Send Upload Authorization button to email them a link to your upload page which contains coded credentials based on their Client Account. Once a Client Account is created, you can change its username or the name of the folder its uploads are routed to. If a user is abusing their Client Account, deleting the account, changing the account password, or changing the username will prevent the user from continuing to upload with their Client Account.


Configuring Your Upload Point

Although configuring your upload point is not necessary to receive uploads from Client Accounts, upload points contain Wasatch branding by default which you may want to replace. Press the Public Uploads link in the Cloud Printing Toolbar to access the Public Upload Configurator. You are free to set the page's header, title and add a note that will be displayed to people that visit your upload point. In addition to this, you can add an image which will be displayed in the page's header. Although this feature is not available in Wasatch SoftRIP directly, logging into the configurator in a browser will also allow you to change the header color. Give it a try.



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