With SoftRIP's PSS halftoning and 16-bit rendering, you get the highest quality color possible with an inkjet device. Wasatch SoftRIP is the first PostScript-compatible product to bring this premium color and precision quality to the inkjet printing process.

Why 16-Bit is Better

PSS and 16-bit color give you the one-two punch you need for premium output. Color subtleties and gradients in raster images are maintained with enormous detail and vector gradients are perfectly smooth at any output size.

How 16-bit Works

Other inkjet RIPs are based on 8-bit rendering. This means that color data and quality are lost in the printing process. SoftRIP's 16-bit color pipeline maintains your color data to produce output that is truly faithful to the original source image. The difference is particularly dynamic when printing with lower quality consumables.

SoftRIP will process files that are inherently 16-bits deep through color management and PSS halftoning with high fidelity color depth. Files that arrive to the RIP only 8-bits deep will also show substantial benefit. They are promoted to 16-bits of color depth prior to color management and are maintained at this high definition through halftoning.

Imaging Configurations (color profiles) made with earlier versions of Wasatch SoftRIP can be used with the latest version of SoftRIP. And, in many cases, older profiles show improved image quality just by being used with the 16-bit color pipeline.