Epson SureColor® F6400 & F6400H Components

The components below are needed for SoftRIP to work with the Epson Dashboard.

NOTE: A USB connection is not supported.

Step 1: Install EpsonNet utility

The EpsonNet utility needs to be installed on the computer running Wasatch SoftRIP.

Instructions to install: Once the file is downloaded, double-click to start the installation process.  Select the language and click Next. Begin the install wizard by clicking Next. The license agreement needs to be accepted, then Next can be clicked.  Confirm the folder to install the utility then click Next. To begin the installation click Install. When the utility is installed, click Finish.

The utility can be downloaded HERE.

Step 2: Install the Epson Communication Driver

The Epson F6400/F6400H driver needs to be installed on the computer running Wasatch SoftRIP to allow communication to the printer.

Instructions to install: Double-click the downloaded file. Click UNZIP. Click OK for the extractor process, and when done click Close. Locate, and go to, the c:\temp\F64driver\SETUP folder then choose to open either WINX64 or WINX86, depending if the Windows is 16bit or 32bit. To confirm the version of Windows go to the Windows Settings screen and select System followed by About.  If Windows is 32bit then open the WINX86 folder otherwise open the WINX64 folder. Double click SETUP.EXE, or SETUP64.EXE, to begin the installation process.

In the top window select either the SC-F6400, SC-F6400H FpFy, SC-F6400 LcLm, or SC-F6400 OrVi. Uncheck "Set as default printer" then click OK. select language. If you agree with the license click Agree followed by OK. If prompted, click Install to begin the installation of the communication driver. Choose whether the printer is connected over a network or with a USB cable. If using a network connection then click OK on the network screen. Finish the installation by clicking OK.

The communication driver can be downloaded HERE.

Step 3: Install the Epson Control Dashboard

The Epson Control Dashboard can be installed either on the computer running Wasatch SoftRIP or another computer, as long as the computer is accessible through a network connection.

Instructions to install: Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation.  After the files are extracted to the temporary folder the process will begin. Click Next to start the wizard. After accepting the license agreement, click Next. Click Install to continue. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

The Epson Dashboard can be downloaded HERE..

Optionally, the Epson communication driver and the Epson Control Dashboard need to be installed before the Epson Precision Dot halftone option can be used. Installation files for these components can be downloaded from the following links:


After all components have been installed, launch the Epson Control Dashboard and "register" your printer before attempting to print from SoftRIP. Remember, the printer must only be registered to one dashboard at a time.


As an alternative to the links provided above, you can obtain the components directly from Epson. Click one of the following links:

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