Flexible White Ink for DTF Printing

Unlock Unrivaled Versatility in DTF Printing

For maximum flexibility when crafting DTF gang sheets for diverse colored surfaces, Wasatch SoftRIP's "Auto-generate from transparency channel" delivers controlled white coverage.  Easily adjust levels based on black ink concentration, enabling undercolor removal in ICC profiles to provide meticulous control.

Elevate Hand Feel with Optimized Black Removal

Prioritize softness with "Replace black ink with black substrate." Finely tune the removal of black ink to achieve an unparalleled hand feel, even on off-black or gray substrates. This customization process ensures your printed pieces offer a superior tactile experience.

Unlimited Tailored Configurations

Store and access an unlimited array of Wasatch Imaging Configurations, each tailored to your exacting specifications.  Streamline your workflow by storing custom settings for every printing need.

Watch our short video for some idea of the many possible options.

Check your settings in advance with Wasatch Data View

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