Separation Film with the Epson SC-T3700/5700/7700

The Epson SC-T3700/5700/7700 models are supported with genuine Wasatch drivers, superior to support via Windows driver.  They are suitable for making separation films using AM, FM, and Hybrid halftones, for screen and flexo printing.

When using the photo black ink, Epson's software limits the printer to 600X600dpi, not allowing 1200X1200dpi. This lower dpi can be a problem for tonal resolution (smooth gradients) at 65lpi with lower-cost RIP alternatives.  Use Wasatch SoftRIP's exclusive "Extra tonal resolution" setting to address this issue, for producing quality halftones and smooth gradients.   Even better, use Wasatch Precision Rosette Screens, for quality that is professional at every level.

Imaging Configurations are available for download from the Wasatch Cloud, to provide a starting point at 55 and 65 lpi.   In our offices, using Epson original ink, we measured a UV density of 3.7 with our transmission densitometer.


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