Fine Art Halftoning

Wasatch SoftRIP's advanced Error Diffusion halftone makes CMYK printers competitive for fine-art printing on aluminum metal plates, such as Chromaluxe.

This exclusive Wasatch method substantially offsets the benefits of dilute Cyan and Magenta inks, greatly expanding the variety of printers that can be used.

With printers that we have in our offices, such as the Mimaki TS100-1600 shown here, our team can apply their specialized skill with difficult materials.  We can publish configurations and color profiles in the Wasatch Cloud for customers' immediate use.

Error Diffusion and other halftone selections are included in every base Wasatch subscription.

Run up to eight printers from one Wasatch subscription.

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With a Wasatch subscription you always have access to the latest revisions, newest features and device support, and unlimited access to the Wasatch service team. It is a low cost way to preserve your workflow and color when updating and adding new devices.

Wasatch subscriptions are your key to success in digital printing.