Important Notice

You are running a revision older than July, 2022.

Old revisions of Wasatch SoftRIP can cause issues with Windows updates, and with files created by newer graphics software.    Old revisions don't include Wasatch's newer features and performance enhancements.

You can check your revision date by selecting Help, and About this program, in the main Wasatch SoftRIP menu.

Your current revision is very old.  It is using obsolete network methods to perform subscription license renewal.   We encourage you to update now, prior to encountering any problem that might interrupt your business.

Our current revision is free of charge for all subscribers to Wasatch SoftRIP.

Download the Current Revision of Wasatch SoftRIP and Update Now.

Updates themselves can make you nervous about interruptions.

The Wasatch installation procedure allows for your new revision to be installed in a folder separate from the one you are currently using in production.   Wasatch SoftRIP can then be launched from your old folder, allowing you to continue with no change, or from your new folder, allowing you to confirm that the new build is working well, prior to committing to it.


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