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"With Wasatch, I get the same color again and again with no adjustments," says Courtney Crooks, Digital Team Lead. "This saves me a lot of time and headache."

Wasatch SoftRIP has played a key role in helping Creative Labels expand their business and automate their production process. Using SoftRIP's efficient workflow and powerful color tools, Creative Labels can offer a wide variety of services and can handle anything from simple to highly technical label applications.

Efficient Workflow

Equipped with Wasatch SoftRIP and an Epson SurePress L-4033A printer, Creative Labels is able to quickly produce a wide variety of labels, including labels for the medical industry, the beauty industry, food packaging, gourmet food, wine, and food traceability. SoftRIP's ease of use and intuitive workflow tools have played an integral role in making Creative Labels' workflow more efficient and cost effective. And, with SoftRIP's hot folders, Creative Labels can print their jobs directly to a folder that will automatically mirror, rotate, or resize every file it receives, helping them automate their production process.


With Wasatch SoftRIP and the Epson SurePress, Creative Labels can produce a variety of different labels.


Upgrade to Success

Creative Labels had been using Wasatch SoftRIP for many years prior to acquiring the Epson Surepress L-4033A. "I was relieved when I learned that the SurePress came bundled with SoftRIP," says Courtney Crooks, Digital Team Lead. "I can't imagine using any other RIP." SoftRIP's 16-bit color rendering pipeline and Precision Stochastic Screens halftone method combine for excellent color reproduction and perfectly smooth gradients. Wasatch SoftRIP is helping Creative Labels customize their labels with barcodes, as shown left.

Powerful Color Tools

Using SoftRIP's powerful color management tools, Creative Labels can quickly make adjustments to their files to achieve their desired color. Using the Color Atlas Generator, Creative Labels can print a range of color swatches on their target media and then use SoftRIP's Spot Color Replacement tool to enter LAB values for exact color matching. This speeds up the production process because they don't have to go back into the design program to make color adjustments. "With Wasatch, I get the same color again and again with no adjustments," says Courtney. "This saves me a lot of time and headache."

Creative Labels recently finished a short-run wine label that required a dense black. They thought it was going to be difficult to achieve, but with SoftRIP's powerful color tools, they were able to produce the dense black they needed with no problem.


About Creative Labels

Creative Labels, Inc. was founded in 1980. They started with one press, three people, and 700 square feet. They now have about 30 employees and own an 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility with five presses, full graphic and plating capabilities, and a multitude of other state-of-the-art equipment. To learn more, visit

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