Wasatch SoftRIP's Table Cutting Option lets you print identifying barcodes in the margins of i-cut®, Zünd, and OptiSCOUT jobs and names output files to match those barcodes. This simplifies the cutting workflow by allowing the table cutting software to scan the barcode on the print then automatically pick the corresponding cutting file.

The Table Cutting Option also allows you to add a barcode prefix of up to two digits, so multiple RIPs with multiple print units can produce unique barcodes for each print unit on every system. This is useful in shops where multiple copies of SoftRIP may generate output for a single table cutter.

With this option, you can print barcodes that are stretched along one axis, so they are more readable but don't require any extra margin. You can also pass color names out as layers that the table cutting system can then translate into such things as changes of the cutting tool, router cutting depth, etc.

Tablecutting Features

  • Automate your existing print-and-cut workflow
  • Increase productivity by letting your cutter's barcode function do the manual labor
  • Eliminate mistakes that occur when trying to match print jobs to their correct cut path
  • Save time and resources with a simplified production process
  • Print with any of the printers SoftRIP supports
  • Contour cut multiple jobs with minimal user intervention
  • Use SoftRIP's layout features to maximize your media and time

Supported Cutters

  • Aristo
  • Esko Kongsberg
  • Eurosystems OptiSCOUT
  • i-cut® Vision Systems
  • Zünd