Wasatch SoftRIP Licensing

Review the features of both Wasatch licensing options to ensure you choose the best fit for your needs.

Cloud License


Start using license immediately, no hardware required.

Requires internet access at least weekly

Free with your subscription purchase.

USB Copy Protection Device


USB device required. Arrives within 3-5 business days to most destinations.

Online rarely. Compatible with strict security environments.

One time hardware fee of $300 for new customers.


If you would like to transfer a Cloud license to another computer, simply install Wasatch onto the new computer. You will be guided through installation, with an option to transfer the license.  If you encounter any difficulty during this process, please contact us.



If you would like to convert an existing subscription from a USB to Cloud license, or a Cloud license to USB, please contact us.



If you have opted to acquire a USB license because you cannot be online, or can only be online rarely, you will occasionally need to enter registration codes. To do this, log in to your Cloud Account to access 'Manage Subscriptions', and select the option to 'Email registration codes'. The codes should be entered in SoftRIP under 'Help', then 'Enter registration codes'. SoftRIP should then be re-started.