Download F6400/F6400H Media Settings using the Epson Edge Dashboard


Downloading Media Settings into the Epson Dashboard:

You can download media settings to the printer by using the Epson Dashboard.

From the Dashboard's home screen, select the printer (see illustration 1).

illustration 1


The steps below are for downloading, selecting, and installing media settings onto the Epson printer (see illustration 2).

    • Step 1: Switch to the Media tab.
      Step 2: With Source set to Local Media Library, click the Cloud icon to search for available media settings then download.
      Step 3: Select the appropriate settings.
      Step 4: Choose the slot to copy the media settings into. If the slot selected already contains media settings then they will be overwritten by the new settings.
      Step 5: Click the arrow icon to transfer the media settings into the target slot.
      Step 6: Click Apply to accept(save) the media settings transfer.

illustration 2