Shape Nesting Beta Test

Dear Wasatch SoftRIP User,

If you have an active subscription, you are invited to participate in beta test of our new Shape Nesting feature.  If you are already running this, the November 22 update is now available for download.

Watch the 40-second video, and find instructions below to get started immediately.

Shape Nesting will be free of charge with all Wasatch SoftRIP subscriptions.


Cutting paths are required to make shape nests.   These paths may arrive with the incoming files, or they may be created with Tracer, as shown in the demo video.   Integration of shape nesting with hot folders and other automated workflow options is in progress, and input on this topic is welcome, with the feedback form provided to all beta testers.

If you have an active subscription, update to the current version of Wasatch SoftRIP free of charge, starting with our September 30, 2022 release.   Select "Help", and at the bottom of that menu, select "Shape Nesting Beta Test".