Wasatch Computer Technology requires color consultants requesting a demo copy of Wasatch SoftRIP to create an imaging configuration using Wasatch's methods. This imaging configuration will need to pass Wasatch quality assurance. Your Wasatch demo will continue to renew automatically as long as this assessment is completed.

We understand there are different methods when it comes to creating an imaging configuration, but for us to properly assess an imaging configuration, we ask that you follow the steps outlined in our profiling document.

The imaging configuration you create will need to be well documented, requiring you to print Self Documenting Test Files throughout the process. You will then send us all of these prints and resulting Service Data Uploader (SDU) files. A bare minimum of 4 Self Documenting prints will be required to complete this process. If more test prints are made during ink limiting and linearization, those will be required as well.


Get Started

  • Create an imaging configuration following the steps in the profiling document. Pay close attention to steps 3, 5, 8, and 10 during profile creation as there are specific instructions for this Profile Assessment program.
  • You will be required to print a Wasatch Self Documenting Test File while creating your imaging configuration. These files can be downloaded here.
  • Every time you print a Wasatch Self Documenting Test File, you will be prompted to upload an SDU file. You must fully complete the SDU process each time you print. At the end of each SDU process we recommend that you choose "Make File for Upload" to save the SDU and to also upload this SDU to us when prompted. Click here for detailed instructions.

Submit Your Completed Imaging Configurations

After the profile is complete you should have at least four prints of the file and a matching SDU zip file for each print. There may be more depending on the number of prints made during ink reductions, etc.

Please take a picture of each of these prints and email them to Wasatch. The pictures need to be of sufficient size and focus so we can see issues like dropped printer nozzles, dot gain banding, tonal issues, etc.

Once we receive the pictures we will review them to make sure everything matches and generally looks correct. If they do then we will email you so you can ship the prints to us for a final review.

When shipping prints, use the address located below:

Wasatch Computer Technology
Attn. Josh Johnson
333 South 300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Note: Include all of the prints you have created from the Wasatch Self Documenting Files, the ICC profile created in the third party profiling software, and a reference file from Step 10 in the profiling document.


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