The Wasatch Service Data Uploader is provided to speed the solution of problems for customers with a current Service Contract.

The Service Data Uploader is a powerful tool for working quickly with Wasatch Technical Support to get your questions answered. It enables Wasatch to examine your settings and imaging configuration in detail, and it makes it simple for you to upload problem files without needing to deal with email attachments or file compression utilities.

The general settings of Wasatch SoftRIP and some details of your system are always uploaded. In addition, imaging configurations and ICC profiles for your current printer configuration be uploaded. This can save many rounds of questions and answers when you want a problem solved quickly.

This tool can also be used to upload problem files, or to make an instant “snapshot” of your Wasatch system’s status for your own use or for sending to your dealer.

Found under the Help menu inside Wasatch, this tool allows our technicians to quickly gather the information they need to offer effective support. They will be able to see RIP and Imaging Configuration settings, as well as certain system settings that might be influencing your printing.

Once the Uploader is selected, please give us your contact details, and a description of the question or issue you have.

Next, you will be prompted to attach any files that show your issue, if applicable, up to 20MB* total.

Click Upload once your file is attached.

Choose Make File for Upload only if the direct upload option is not possible (no internet connection, firewall). This file can be emailed to us instead.

*If you need to send us a file exceeding 20MB in size, let us know, and we will respond with instructions on sending larger files.

When your selections are complete, you can either press Upload to immediately send data to Wasatch or you can press Make File For Upload to create a ZIP data file and place it where you like on your system.

The Upload button may fail if you are not connected to the Internet or if your local firewall prevents this type of upload. If that happens, choose Make File For Upload. You may also wish to use Make File For Upload so that someone other than Wasatch Service can inspect the data. A ZIP file is produced that includes everything that is in the upload. It can be attached to an email or even taken away on a thumb drive.

The ZIP file is easily opened in Windows Explorer and almost all the data is in text files that can be inspected by anyone. This may be important if your team has concerns about security.

That's it!

Your support ticket has been created. Our technicians will respond as soon as possible, Monday through Friday (except major US holidays).


Thank you!

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